Collection: Bitten

Bitten was founded by three people passionate about design. Once they were all bitten by the passion for design, they created Bitten in 2008 and since they have transformed their fun and original ideas into an amazing collection.

Dream and be curious about life

Bitten team draws their inspiration from their travels, and the people they meet, coming from all horizons. Many of these meetings have given ideas and contribute to their magnificent heterogeneous collection. Bitten is always looking for inspiration, new places and people to make them dream of new ideas and of course, make them for us.

Make the world smile

Several objects in their collection have become emblematic and celebrated worldwide. In particular the original mustache pacifier, the cloud barometer and the great success of their range of hot water bottles. The Bitten collection is now available in more than 30 countries on 6 continents. We hope that their collection will bring a smile on your face and originality in your life.